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The journey of aging is a gift, but it comes with its own set of difficulties. Marca Care, our advocacy and care giving program, provides you with Geriatric Care Managers experienced in the care of frail elders and the healthcare system. We strive to preserve the choice and control of our clients.

Care Planning
Planning for the effects of aging empowers older adults to meet the challenges of aging.
  • Prevent premature declines and avoid a crisis
  • Optimize health and well-being of clients with chronic conditions
  • Develop strategies to identify and maximize all personal and financial resources
Medical Advocacy
Having a partner as you navigate the healthcare system keeps your preference and values intact and provides you with priceless expertise.
  • Advocate for the rights of elders in the long term system
  • Receive expert advice on the healthcare system

Surrogate Support
Taking care of an aging parent can be stressful for a family caregiver. Reduce “lost time” by receiving assistance with the everyday needs of older adults.
  • Coordinate home care services
  • Encourage social interaction
  • Advocate for health insurance matters
  • Facilitate family communication

Technology for Aging
Stay connected to loved ones and enhance security as you continue living independently.
Planning for Life's Journey
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Why Marca Care?
We first met 90 year old Leslie at a nursing home. Battling multiple chronic conditions, she needed an experienced advocate to get her home. Leslie’s family was overwhelmed and reached out for our help after a medical complication almost destroyed her kidneys.

Even with the best intentions, families often don’t have the knowledge to help their loved ones. Leslie was shuffled from facility to facility and doctor to doctor. Leslie needed the guidance of
MarcaŽ Life Planning to navigate her way.

According to Leslie, she was put on Earth ‘to care and nurture others.’ Our geriatric care managers gladly took over the roles of advocate and cheerleader when Leslie needed someone to care for her.