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Home Transitions is your home solution. We provide support and care when you’re ready to move to the next phase.

You’ve taken every precaution to remain healthy as you age, but has your home taken that same pledge? To successfully age in place, both you and your home must age well. The disrepair of a home can contribute to falls and other dangers. Decide to preserve your independence at home and prevent falls that can lead to an unexpected crisis.

For a one time charge, a specialist will visit you in your home to discuss your aging goals and evaluate your home. By identifying obstacles to home safety, we make your home a senior friendly environment. Be prepared with a written Retro-Fit plan and cost estimates. For an additional charge, we oversee your home’s Retro-Fitting process to completion.

We typically associate downsizing with moving to a smaller residence. Downsizing can simply be a reorganization of your current space. Deciding to downsize can be an effective way to lower your risks of falling due to clutter.

Discuss your goals with our CRTS professionals as they meet with you in your home. Our specialists develop a plan that preserves your memories during the process. Stay in control as you select which cherished and valuable items to keep. We distribute all other items to family, charity, or resale. Begin by de-cluttering and end with a safer, more organized home.

Marca Downsize & Relocation Services
Moving can be a stressful experience that demands physical and emotional
stamina. If moving or relocation is your only option, our Relocation and Transition Specialists provide the support you’ll need. We guide the process every step of the way.

Preserve your personal choice. As an older adult or the child of an older adult, make moving easier with our help. Allow us to research living options and evaluate the best choices for you.  You’ll feel prepared with a written plan that outlines the schedule and your costs.  We coordinate all the necessary professional services to accomplish the move, and set up your new home to feel just like “home.”
Planning for Life's Journey
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Home Transitions
Why Home Transitions?
At 92, Walter was ready to move on to the next phase of his life. To do this, he needed to sell his home but getting it on the market meant sorting through 40 years of cherished possessions.

His only family was in California and facing their own crisis. Walter’s son was dying of cancer. It was vitally important to Walter’s son that his father be settled into a place where he could be independent “with assistance”.

The Certified Relocation and Transition Specialists of Marca® Life Planning were brought in to manage Walter’s transition and became family when his own family could not.