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With the goal of educating and supporting older adults, we offer Independent Lifestyles. Believing in empowering older adults and their families, the professionals at Marca® Life Planning assist seniors with the management of day-to-day activities.

Our Independent Lifestyles programs include:

Concierge Service

For those who need occasional help with day to day activities, our Concierge Service program provides you with one trusted resource to call for help. Our service providers are pre-screened for your safety and peace of mind.
  • Home Care and Cleaning
  • Yard Maintenance
  • Home Repairs
  • Transportation and Delivery Services
  • Technology Support
Protective Aging

In today’s complex world, we all face risks to our personal safety. Risk Prevention manages the risks associated with aging by providing these important services.
  • Fall Prevention
  • Predatory Lending and Consumer Fraud Education
  • Annual Credit Check
  • Medicare and Health Insurance Support
  • Fire and Carbon Monoxide Prevention
Community Care

Community Care is a “members-only” program offering services designed to promote safety, education, health, and well-being. Based on the concept of Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities (NORC’s), Community Care helps residents remain connected to and engaged in their community.

Contact us to find out how to start this program in your community!
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Why Independent Lifestyles?

We call them “normal aging” changes but they’re anything but normal when you experience them!

At 40, subtle changes occur in vision, hearing, and balance. When is it time to get help with household chores and maintenance?

A comfortable home at 50 is not livable at 80. When do you modify the living environment to accommodate for normal aging?

At Marca® Life Planning, we understand the unique aging experience of our clients. Learn how to square the curve and start a successful journey with Independent Lifestyles.